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In 1987 Fernando Duarte took his friend Robert Brozin to Chickenland

a Portuguese takeaway. After trying the chicken, cooked with Mozambican
Peri-Peri sauce, they decided
to buy the restaurant!

Presentation writer and creative director Paul Tomes, takes a look at the curious things we all get up to when we stand up in front of an audience to present.

Each episode explores ways to turn run-of-the-mill presentations, into ‘freshly squeezed presentations’
... a bit like drinking the canned stuff versus the real thing!

They renamed the restaurant Nando's, after Duarte and two years later the restaurant had four outlets – three in Johannesburg and one in Portugal. Today there, over a 1,000 Nando's branches, located in 35 countries.

What’s the secret of their success? They bottled their sauce! Not just the Peri-Peri sauce ... they bottled their own brand of fun and naughtiness, and served it up in every store.

At Pitch, we approach each presentation we create as if it’s got it’s own unique brand of sauce.  We look for the right ingredients for the story and pair this with our client’s natural spice. The recipe works!

Over the years, we’ve been exposed to a bucket load of presentations, where audiences are visibly losing the will to live, just ten minutes in! Part of the problem is corporate templates, formal structures, agenda slides and lots and lots of words.

So if you’re ready to add a lot more Peri-Peri to your presentations, we’d welcome the opportunity to listen to your story and find a way to bottle the sauce!

The podcasts on the right will give you a taste of our thinking.

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